Friday, April 30, 2010

How to back up your games with protection

The last couple of years a new technology has been invented to prevent that backup software with rights of author, movies, music, games, and other materials. But what if you want to back up your Xbox 360 game, or you don't have a stunning collection of classical music that you want to back up?

Disks are very easy to break and approaches it of scratches! Easy what get scratches on your drive? When its disk collection is just sitting around you are room, or obtained material in your game console? You will lose the disk and can not play them again! And PC, Xbox 360, PS3, disks are not cheap!And what about his collection of classic game may not buy in stores now.?

New technology is great, but in some cases just want things to be simples.Simplemente I would like to make a backup of my game collection! Buy a blank floppy disk and the game, then buy a complete video game for the retail sale price while had the backup set is much cheaper to.

Backup technology not has been invented for nothing! this is really one of the reasons that invented the technology to make a backup of your collections.And now invented a way to stop playback.AT least should have the right to back up the disks that you buy!

Fortunately, there are more people agree with me, and made a program simply backup of your disks! no matter good which is the protección.Este program keeping up with the latest prevention of reproduction to make still backup of your video, music, software, and more games.

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