Friday, April 23, 2010

How to back up a Wii game with a special program

At this point, the video game console wars involve Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, Microsoft and Sony's PlayStation 3. Each console has its fans stating that your console is the best base and others pale in comparison. Dan technological specifications, dates, and numbers, and all kinds of things that supposedly make their consoles the winner of the war.

For me, a video game console is not about its specifications, but about how much fun and one of the ways to find out what fun is see how has sold the tiempo.Mientras that sales can fluctuate and be kidding when you start a new console, more time, Word of mouth and performance will give a better idea of how you are doing a console, especially if its principal competitors have also been a few years.

So far, the technology most advanced consoles, Sony PS3 has sold to 33 million units.The second goes to Xbox 360 from Microsoft, with 39 million winner unidades.El is, of course, Nintendo's Wii, with nearly 68 million units sold.I understand that marketing and hype may temporarily increase sales of a video game console, but when a console sold almost two times more than its competitors, should be a really good and funny console.

Now, because this generation video game consoles using discs instead of cartridges, is very easy to lose your game due to a zero accidental.Es why Wii owners have been trying to figure out how to back up a Wii game for some time now.

In order to know how to back up a Wii game, you have to understand the Wii games come in a disk format optical developed specially for the Wii.Es why is not possible a backup with your regular CD recorder program.

What you need is to obtain a special program that knows how to make a copy of a set of Wii.Hay some of them can be found online at a price very razonable.Sólo have to type "how to back up a Wii game" in Google and you will find a few sites which will allow you to download the program.

These programs know how to back up a Wii game because they use the same encoding using the óptico.Recuerde any copy you make must be used for backup purposes only disk format.

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