Sunday, April 11, 2010

Copy sets PlayStation 2 - discover the simple method for a life of copy set

I know that what has happened to you. You play your favorites of game, all of the sudden it suddenly stops working. Frustrated, exit you the game, clean, try and play again, while the read error only obtain a disc. You continue to try and clean as possible, but nothing works. Unfortunately, you will now have to take a trip to the store and use some more of your hard-earned money to buy a new copy of this same game! I was in the same boat, until I learned to copy PlayStation 2 games.

First things first, you must seek some burnable disks and have a DVD burner on your computer.A normal DVD - ROM drive will work pas.Tant that your computer can create burnable CD for your car, it must be able to do the DVDS.

The next thing you need is some type of game to copy the logiciel.Il has many there on the internet, but if you do not have the right, your computer may have a virus or software does not work yet.What this software is to extract the contents of your computer file a.ISO, and then you can use this file and rewrite it to a blank disk.

After your set was excerpted from the computer, it will be burned to a disk, which should take a few hours because Burns an entire set, and after that, it's just! now you've learned to copy games PS2! this process is simple, just your computer and certain discs, and anyone can do!

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