Saturday, April 17, 2010

Backup or Copy - Xbox 360 games how burn without a Modchip Xbox 360 games

The game Copy method

How to copy/backup Xbox 360 games - copy / record of Xbox 360 games, it is necessary that made copies must include all the files that are present in the original game. However, different tactics applied, but one of the most common methods is by copying your image Xbox games. It is typical of the technical level because if you overlooked some of the files in the copy, then the backup will not run.Best is that using an expensive modchip hecho.Dado so below are the details on how to copy Xbox games.


1) The method I will show that the image is called technical record.You will need a Xbox 360.Prefieren dual RW layered layered DVD, disk enclosure and white DVD but it will be slightly more expensive than normal, but is good for long-term use.

(2) Insert the DVD blank entry in the computer.Be sure to close other applications of this work, as in the double layer DVD data is Setup to record in two different layers.

(3) To record Xbox games, set the layer break in 1913760.despu├ęs of this set, make sure that the DVD is readable.

(4) Now have choose speed recording/quema.Se advised to keep the low rate be sure copy game correctamente.Una speed recommended 4 x.

(5) Lastly, when the pre-qualifications burn have been tested, drag and drop the files you want to record in the area of place and click the button to "burn".

Note: In some games the copy method can involve providing a patch that can be done in the review settings, and then can carry out the normal procedure of burning.

So now you have copied your Xbox 360 games with success.

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