Saturday, April 24, 2010

How to set Xbox backup via FTP connection

To back up the Xbox games, you need to create a connection between your PC and console FTP. You must also have a DVD-ROM drive where you can insert the disk drive. Without this, you will have no means to read and write to disk.

To create an FTP connection, make sure that the console is connected to the Ethernet port on your computer. In your Xbox dashboard, change the IP configuration to You must also change the subnet mask to Do the same for your computer by clicking connections network and the Internet Protocol, and "follow use IP." Boot Console, and then initiate the FTP client you are currently using.Once the connection is established, the computer display units from which can begin copiar.Recuerde to save the files as X-ISO files.

Once done, you can begin to burn the files on a disk. Once the burning is complete, you can begin to use it in your console.Sometimes, it is not this easy backup Xbox games because there are no scenarios such as this herramientas.En, you have an option to download a software program or the free FTP client. Also, it is necessary to remember that a disk is burned the program on your computer to backup the Xbox games.

Finally, burned discs will not play on your Xbox if not scheduled to read copies of the game console s.You will need to have modified Xbox or cannot use the copy of seguridad.Para Xbox games that, you will need to carry your console to a store repair electronics can where change console configuration and mod.El chipset risk here is to override its consola.Esto warranty does better if the guarantee of your console is already past its expiry date.

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