Friday, April 23, 2010

How to backup Xbox games the easy way

Players should be concerned now because there is a sure fire way backup Xbox games. All you need to do is take some simple steps and you should be good t go. It is definitely need a computer and a ripper DVD game. The first step you must take is to create an FTP connection between your computer and your Xbox console. He is also needed for the Xbox to the Cabinet. This means that the Xbox should have a modified chip. This will enable the console to read copies of games.

You will also need a cable that will connect the console to the computer. Also, be sure that the Xbox is blinking. Once all of these are in place, it is necessary to enable the Xbox static IP. Change the IP address, and then change the subnet mask of Not be overwhelmed with these steps.These steps are necessary for you to Xbox games copied from seguridad.Aseg├║rese that these settings are saved in the console and then connect the Xbox to the computer to the Ethernet port.

To backup the Xbox games, go now to network connections settings on your PC and set the IP and subnet mask in the same way as did you with your console. The Xbox boot and open the FlashFXP.If you are prompted for a user name and password, you must use Xbox.Una when configured, the ISO create button and select the FTP folder.Select a game in which you want to copy, save it to your PC and then burn to DVD on the other.

Now you realize that this is how easy it is to the Xbox games seguridad.Todo copy what you need is that the modifications made to the Xbox.Si console you can not make the changes yourself, we strongly recommend that you go and visit a specialist.

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