Sunday, April 18, 2010

Do you need to copy the GC disks?

For all of you that GameCube players are never concerned or even experienced taking his game disc hatching? Very puts a damper on his day, is not the case? Has wish know an easy way to copy GC disks?

If you do a search of the internet on this subject, you will find a forum post explaining how to copy a disk copy of seguridad.Sin game however, if you have a copy of the original GameCube disc below, this method will not work.

I had the unfortunate experience of a scratched disk and it was fun!But fortunately I have repaired with a lot of alcohol, and buffing not to drink but to clean the disk drive with.

Only recently but I found a couple of programs that are intended to be able to copy your original discs GameCube.Encontré Game Copy Pro and Copy That Game for copy GC disks with.

Did me some more research and found that Game Copy Pro does not exactly give what they expected.Forum checks mentioned that this software backs up, however, the copies not quite work.

Copy, however, has been working with éxito.Este software game will allow you to make an exact copy of your original GC, you can then use to jugar.Usted game disc will be able to maintain their album of the original in menta.Y condition where the backup disk gets scratched, then you can create another copy, and always use.

With Copy That Game, you'll get software and tutorials upon how proceder.Por therefore, if you need to copy GC disks then may wish to consider the possibility of obtaining Copy That Game.

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