Saturday, April 3, 2010

Games Xbox 360 copied in minutes

Video games over 10 million were damaged since the release of the Xbox 360 console. These disks are damaged by improper handling causing scratches and cracks, when many stripes appear on the video game it will become unresponsive and you'll pay to replace the video game, it's one thing you should try to avoid, and with this article, you can.

The solution to this problem is to simply create backup of video games, don't worry its easy to do when you know how, let's start.

You will need to

o personal computer
o Virgin Records
o video game you want to copy
o game copy software

It, once you have all of the above, you can commencer.Si you do not copy the software, you can download it online for a small fee if your seriously to save money and protect your games video game is a must.

Once you have the software that we can start to copy the Xbox 360 jeux.Installer and run the game copy software, after the software and run to leave the computer know what action you want to perform, in this case we want to copy a Xbox 360 game, so click on the option that allows to exactly cela.Insérez then the original game that you want to copy and disk blank in your disks of computers, this action will transfer your game on the vierge.Dans floppy disc information minutes you will have been copied a Xbox 360 game.

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