Monday, April 26, 2010

Backup Games Wii - 5 steps to take advantage of your Nintendo Wii Favorites Forever games

The importance of backing up Wii games are not enough. Be a fan of the Wii game much money spent on buying the latest games and consoles. If somehow a disc gets damaged or corrupted, what do? You will need to spend more money and buy new games again. To avoid this, it is necessary to create a backup of all the games you have.

To create a backup of the Wii games, you need a good DVD - ROM drive that is exclusively designed for this purpose. You need to install this drive on the computer. You will then need to download some applications as RAW 2.0 Dump Framework 2.0.You also need a reliable software program to decompress the archivos.Una once all these applications, you can begin the process.

1. Right Click on the icon called 'Rawdump.rar' and select 'Extract to the rawdump2. 0'. doing this, you will be able to create a folder called 'Raw dump' on your desktop. This is the first step in creating a backup of the Wii games.

2. Next, enter the game in the DVD drive. Then double click on the 'Raw dump' folder, and then click the icon called 'Rawdump.exe' to begin the process.

3. You will find the RAW dump opens an interface. In this interface, you will find an option called Start Dump. You need to select this option to begin the process. The process can take two to three hours.

Once the process is long, you need to take a look at the size of the file.East is the most important step in the creation of a backup games of Wii.Para this, it is necessary to open the directory where the file is located in dump.Typically, the file has the extension of an.ISO, so should not be difficult for you to find it.Once done, you need to right click on the ISO file, select 'Properties' and check the file size.The usual size of Nintendo's Wii ISO is 4.37 GB.Si file for crash dump is smaller, meaning that the recording process has not been correctly and you have to redo new right from step one.

5 Open the program, select the option 'record in', choose the ISO image in the dump RAW directory and start the process of grabaci├│n.Aseg├║rese that you burn slowly to avoid the disco.Este read errors is the last step in the creation of a backup of the Wii.Una games after ending the process of recording, will have a new backup of your game in their hands.

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