Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Quick tutorial on how to burn Xbox 360 games

The Xbox disc games are stored is very sensitive to the light of the Sun and the scratches caused by loading the disc in the Xbox 360 and other things that could scratch. Sooner or later will be more difficult to read the disc, and the Xbox 360 game will be lost in the final.

The only option is to buy a new game, because there is no further money exchange warranty or disk when Xbox 360 games gets ruined.

But there is another easy option in some steps that you can create your own return from your favorite games for Xbox, so the original can be stored in a safe place.You need only game recorder software and instructions.

This method is by far the best soluciĆ³n.Porque there is no need for modifications through the installation of a mod chip in the Xbox 360 console and no need for any technical skills at all.

Just follow the simple instructions that come with the software.

Here is how to burn Xbox 360 games:

-Firstly that you need to get the game and install on your computer recording software.

-Open the game recorder software program and insert the game the original Xbox DVD into your DVD drive.

-Will have to copy the Xbox 360 game in a specific location on your computer.
Be a little patient may take some time depending on the size of the game.

-Insert an empty disk on the computer that is burned unidad.Tenga note that some Xbox 360 games does not fit on a DVD regular in that case, you need a double DVD with twice the number of capa.La space most DVD recorders currently supports dual layer.

-Start your computer to the DVD backup process by carefully following the instructions.

You can do so many back ups such as desee.Tenga note that may not be used are regular DVD recording software because they are not able to create an exact copy of the original Xbox 360 DVD.

In comparison with if you were using a mod chip that is still able to play on Xbox Live network and the authorization of the Xbox 360 console remains intact because there is no need to open it.

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