Saturday, May 1, 2010

New Super Mario Bros Review - game Wii

Finally, Mario made his way to the scene, thanks to new super Mario game creation the Wii. This does not take much, I will directly reach the point and say that the first thing you will notice of this new game is the great new look has. Old school players will be happy discover everything from version original Super Mario Bros. is included in this superbly renovated game. Music has been remixed from the original Nintendo version is absolutely ingenious. In addition, the new multiplayer feature added to this game is absolutely incredible! And if all that still isn't enough to convince you that this game is a should have, new levels that have been added are some that have never seen before.

I know that all this can be a little overwhelming so I summarize all important points that make this great game.

New Super Mario Bros. Pro:

1. Fun for the whole family.

2 Big game for a match.

3. The gameplay is incredible.

4. The controls are very simple and easy to learn.

5. Children are guaranteed to love this game!

6. The game goes on and for ages.

7. Excellent gift.

8. The characteristic multiplayer is an impressive addition.

9 Starts simple and gets progressively harder.

10. The new power options.

11. The magic of timeless Mario is always present.

12 Final game of the year!

And now for of the with very few:

1 Has the capability to mount the Yoshi, but their options are somewhat limited.

As the game gets progressively harder, there may be a bit of cursing involved (by you, not the game)...

3. It may be a little too difficult for very young children.

4 Can be a little frustrating at times.

In general, this game is an excellent choice for anyone, from the age of 3 until the infinito.Es range definitely an idea of incredible gift that no one will smile.

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