Saturday, March 27, 2010

Is - this game Wizard copies a Hoax?

All those of you who are in the world of the game console would have heard this software called Wizard game copy claims to copy all consoles like the XBOX 360/PS3/PS2/Wii games and play without the need for a mod. This software delivers what it promises or it is one among the list of internet scams? The answer is a non-triumphant. Set copy Wizard is not a scam.

This software has been around or some time, and as most of you, I wanted to play games console backup solution. Hard Modding was my only option, but I wanted to risk because it empty my warranty and can ruin my console. This is when I found the game copy Wizard. First, I thought it was a scam.It took me a lazy Sunday afternoon to know if I was right about this software .j ' have been surprised and proud know that I was wrong.

There are many reasons to believe that the copy of the game is a scam:

  • Its small download size or software does a LOT.

  • Rather boring looking interface.

  • Claims that makes!

You need to understand why it has these three characteristics.Download size is small, because what the software does not relate to the size of its just an m├ęthode.Son interface is boring, but who cares really on the interface as long as the software works! finally claims that rend.Oui had a solution for software based coming years and it took years to build the software, the reverse engineering process loads and test failures have lead this.You would be surprised to learn that the solution was part provided by console manufacturers themselves by providing demonstrations of downloadable with startup sequence.We games should be pleased that its finally here and here to stay.

Set Wizard copy is not a scam .it ' is exactly what it promises of faire.alors, please don't hesitate to download and test yourself!

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